Our Story

Mano Made is a celebration of culture, women, and beauty. The journey started with the desire to bring handmade items from my mothers homeland, Oaxaca, Mexico, to those who would like to support traditional crafts and the women who make them.

Having grown up in a biracial household, I always had a curiosity and passion for different cultures. This led to a degree in Anthropology, and then blossomed into Mano Made. Through visiting Oaxaca my whole life to visit family and connect with my mothers indigenous land, I became inspired by the things I saw. 

Mano Made is a curated collection of handmade pieces, each with a story to tell. Every batch of items takes 1-3 months to produce, and each piece has a rich history. 

Mano Made will expand to work with other artisans throughout my exploration of the world.


Caroline Kent (founder)