Mano Made works directly with artisans to preserve indigenous methods for ethically produced textiles and accessories using sustainable materials. We celebrate creating meaningful items to adorn both bodies and homes, while using natural materials found in our artisans local environments. These pieces are made by hand with a story to tell.


A Letter from Our Founder

This journey began in 2017 when I, Caroline Kent, had an 'aha' moment and connected the dots to create a brand that perfectly blends my love of design, community, culture, slow living and indigenous empowerment. This idea hatched from collecting special items from my travels, such as home goods or clothing when visiting my family in Oaxaca. I treasured each piece and they naturally became the most sacred objects I possessed. 

Studying anthropology in college led me to form an even deeper love for the diversity and uniqueness of cultures. I always felt a calling to live in Mexico, so I embarked on my journey of living in Oaxaca for a year and a half. I wanted to connect with my ancestors and learn more about where my mother grew up. I learned a lot from living in Oaxaca, where I met the most incredible artisans to collaborate with.

Some objects are either the designs of the artisans themselves, or date back to pre-hispanic times, and some are my original designs. Overall the brand is a reflection of me, a half Mexican woman who grew up in California, returning to her mothers land throughout her life and the influence this had on me.