Zapotec Pouf

Zapotec Pouf

The Zapotec Poufs are made with wool from the mountains of Oaxaca, and hand dyed with nuts, pomegranate shells or cochinilla. Each piece is then weaved on a loom passed down from Oscars grandfather. The tassels are woven by Oscars wife, Lisbeth. Each part of the Zapotec Poufs are handmade, including the durable double-lined piece on the bottom.

The Zapotec Poufs are an ode meditation cushions & floor pillows, but with a Oaxacan twist.

The poufs are mailed un-stuffed. The most sustainable way to stuff your poufs are with extra clothes (which would have otherwise been donated)! You can also use memory foam or cotton at your local craft store. It depends on how firm you want your pouf to be!

We are taking pre-orders, and will be shipped out within 3-4 weeks of ordering.

Shipping included.